The Mission

Entrepreneur TeamTo Create 100,000 Innovation Opportunities For Entrepreneurs That Deliver A Meaningful Business Impact By Bringing Companies Who Have Needs Together With Entrepreneurs Who Have Solutions.


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The Process

Corporate Executives

1. The Business Need | Anonymous and non-confidential business needs, received from corporate executives, are crafted as innovation challenges and shared in the technical community.


2. The Solution | Entrepreneurs develop concepts for products, Apps, or marketing solutions that solve the innovation challenges.


3. The Meeting | Executives and entrepreneurs meet anonymously at the Big Genius Idea Pitch Expo Event. If an executive likes what they see, a product development team can collaboratate in a product review to bring the idea to life.

How It Works

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The Need | Business needs originate from company executives. Example... We need to grow revenue in our pediatric medication unit.

The Challenge | We transform the business need into an anonymous, non-confidential innovation challenge and broadcast the challenge to a technical community full of entrepreneurs.

The Idea | Entrepreneurs respond with their ideas. We collect and review information on the responding entrepreneurs, their backgrounds, and the submitted ideas.

The Protection | For ideas the company executives find interesting, we can help the entrepreneur prepare and file a patent application on the idea.

The Pitch | Executives anonymously meet with the entrepreneurs in an 'Idea Expo' format to hear pitches at a Big Genius Idea event.

The Solution | If a corporate executive likes a pitch, our product development team can collaborate to bring the idea to life.

Example Innovation Challenges

Car Sales

Innovation challenges that seek new ways to sell or eCommerce solutions are great. Anything web-based, wesbsite design, or new business models will find lots of entrepreneurs in the community to tackle the challenge.

Here is an example of an innovation challenge seeking new ways to sell cars. Here is an example Car Sales Challenge.

Slip and Fall

Challenges that allow two companies to co-create together offer unique opportunities. In this case, an insurance company co-creates with a quick serve restaurant by presenting an innovation challenge to reduce slippery floors. These types of challenges also offer lots of technical opportunities include electronic hard design like Internet-ofThings as well as software for devices and web applications. There are lots of entrepreneurs and startups working on device / web application solutions that would welcome working on a challenge like this. Here is an example Slip and Fall Challenge.

Payment ArtEntrepreneurs want to solve a challenge. Take a job description and write it as an innovation challenge. Let the entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life and create a new solution or product for your organization.  Use your intern program to bring talent into your company quickly. Scout for talent  and pick, partner, and pilot solutions rapidly accessing the best and brightest in the tech community. Here is an example challenge in the payments space.

The Event


Innovation Relevent Speakers

+ Live Video Podcast Format

+ Corporate executives, entrepreneurs, and business leaders talk innovation, tech community, and corporate-startup collaboration strategies.


Idea Expo

+ Entrepreneurs setup tabletop presentations to pitch their ideas to corporate executives.

+ Corporate executives give anonymous feedback that will be shared with the entrepreneurs following the event.


Workshops to Build Acumen

+ Pitching Ideas

+ Bootstrap Patenting

+ Product Design

+ Digital Marketing

+ Corporate Open Innovation

+ Others


For Corporates

+ Get access to a global technical community

+ Find solutions to business needs

+ Accelerate product development

+ Participate / attend Big Genius Idea events

+ Engage tech-talent through a structured program

+ Develop open innovation strategies for your company

+ Deliver on female, inclusive, or other entrepreneurship initiatives

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For Entrepreneurs

+ Get access to innovation challenges that are based on real business needs

+ Present and pitch company executives on your ideas

+ Get funding / support for patenting and product development

+ Learn how to patent, pitch, product develop, and market ideas

+ Receive mentoring and access advisors

+ Participate / attend Big Genius Idea events

+ Build relationships with other entrepreneurs, companies, and executives

Corporate Membership


Choose either a month-to-month or annual membership. Our team will work with your organization to harvest business needs and turn them into innovation challenges. We will scout the technical community with your innovation challenges to identify entrepreneurs, startups, and researchers who believe they have solutions. You vet the solutions, if interesting we will invite the technical community member to pitch at the expo event. You will be in attendance and anonymous among many other executives listening to pitches from entrepreneurs on your challenges and others. If you like the solutions pitched for your challenges you can elect to engage with the entrepreneur on the spot. If it is the kind of idea that would benefit from patent protection or a product development review we can bring a team around the solution to address these needs.

+ Attend Big Genius Idea events

+ Identify your business needs and convert the needs into innovation challenges.

+ Scout the innovation challenges in the tech community seeking matches with entrepreneurs who have solutions.

+ Arrange for the entrepreneurs to pitch their solutions at a Big Genius Event where you anonymously attend and hear the pitch.

+ Patent and product development support for concepts that you are interested in pursuing.

+ Expert help in maximizing the value of working with entrepreneurs and startups in the tech community.

+ Event Dates  TBD Fall 2020, Spring 2020